Early Years Learning Journey

We offer both 30 and 15 hours of funded places

There are a variety of full time and part-time sessions available within the nursery to help with your child’s Early Years Learning Journey. All the sessions are structured and timetabled with a good balance of both indoor and outdoor activities alongside literacy and numeracy activities. The children follow the Revised EYFS Profile 2012 and all our staff are fully trained in this area. We have an excellent staff to pupil ratio.

Early Years Learning Journey – Full Time Education

At St. Crispin’s full time children access the wider range of educational activities on offer. These include music, singing and dancing as well as structured PE sessions, where as well as learning about keeping fit, specific sports are taught, including; tennis, basketball, football and many others. Full time children also visit the ICT suite weekly, and enjoy visits from the Book Bus, Fire Service, Blue Cross and other visiting speakers. All of these activities that are available to full time children are taught by well experienced, fully qualified Level 4 and Level 3 staff together with specialist teachers from the main school.

For those children who attend full time there is an extended learning curriculum so that they do not cover the same work twice. Children within the nursery are encouraged to learn read and write and parents are given tools to help their children develop through home reading and writing exercises. This gives the children an excellent basis for moving on to the Infant department and gives them a ‘head start’ on their learning and progression into the next stage of education. All children are treated as individuals and their individual Learning Journeys reflect this.

Our routine for the day consists of

  • Breakfast Club
  • Outside Play
  • Registration & Morning Sessions
  • Snack Time & Break
  • Pre- Lunch Sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Snack Time/Home Time/Outside Play
  • Aftercare service

Part time Sessions

Children age 2+ can attend from a minimum of two afternoon sessions a week and build these up to full time subject to places. At 3+ we would expect children to attend for a minimum of 5 sessions in order that they can access fully the advantages of being in a school environment. Full days can be offered but there is a minimum requirement of two days for 2+ and 3 days for 3+.

7 Area’s of Learning and Development

This is the Curriculum for children from birth to 5. At St. Crispin’s School this guides the teaching and learning in our Pre-School and Foundation classes. The EYFS is made up of 4 themes: The Unique Child, Positive Relationships, The Enabling Environment and Learning and Development. These themes are important as they all combine to ensure young children make good, strong progress in their earliest years. Click here on the link above to learn more about the 7 Area’s of Learning and Development at St. Crispin’s School.

NEG Funded/ Nursery Vouchers

The Nursery is funded by the NEG grant and the School accept the various child care voucher schemes that are available

Topics Covered

We cover a large variety of topics that engage the children in a wide range of activities to develop a good understanding of:

  • The environment
  • How things work
  • The community
  • The world around them

Our topics all have elements of the Seven Areas of Learning and Development in them and during the sessions children have the time to express their own needs and learning. Some of the topics that we have covered are dinosaurs; water; recycling; space; farms; messy and outside play and gardening and growing to name a few. Our topics can also revolve around our book of the week, where children are encouraged to listen to stories and to become involved in the telling of them. We also encourage parents to let us know if their child is interested in a particular area or subject and we can then incorporate this into our sessions as well to ensure that all children within our setting are engaged.


We provide a wide range of healthy snacks during our sessions along with milk and water. We also encourage Snack Share Day, where parents/carers can bring along what they would eat for healthy snacks at home, whether this is fruit or anything else to encourage the children to try new foods and to encourage our sharing ethos.

Sharing Information with Parents

We see each parent/carer daily when you drop off and collect your child and we like to take this opportunity to build relationships and to discuss any questions you may have or information you would like to share. We also encourage parental involvement in sharing information on their child reaching the milestones of the Areas of Development and together we create the child’s Learning Journey. This is their record of their achievements through the Seven Area’s of Learning and Development which is kept in school until the child has completed the EYFS. We also provide Parents Evening, in line with the rest of our School and provide full school reports 3 times each year to keep you formally updated with your child’s progress. We also send home books and homework tasks for those who would like them in the child’s book bag, along with their own Reading Record. This allows the parent to see a child’s reading and track their progress, and also to be involved and provide their feedback as well. Finally and most importantly we are here for you and believe in our ‘Open Door’ policy. Any time you would like to speak to any of our Key Workers or Head Master, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to see us straight away.

Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs

Our Key Workers and staff work closely with outside agencies to ensure the whole developmental needs of our students are continually met. We do this through a process of observation, intervention and support. If you have any concerns about the needs of your child, please speak to our fully trained and experienced staff and Headmaster.

Breakfast Club and Aftercare

Children from 3+ can stay until 5.00 if parents would like them to do so. We have a Breakfast Club and Aftercare service which can be booked as and when necessary. Charges vary according to the age of the child.

Sessional and Full Day Care Available
8.00am – 5.00pm