We believe in giving all children the chance to succeed, and so do not have an entrance examination for our children entering primary schooling. The Head feels very strongly that all children should be given a chance to develop at their own pace and should not be tested for ability at this stage. Parents are asked to bring previous school reports with them to the initial appointment in order that an overview of the child’s academic and behaviour ability is available.

Our places are awarded primarily on a first come, first served basis, subject to academic and behavioural reference or report; with priority given to those with siblings already in school. In the event of there being a limited number of places in a year group, final selection will be based on interview. Places may be taken up at any stage of the academic year in line with our admissions policy, assuming that fees due to other schools have been settled and full notice given.

Scholarships are available at the Head’s discretion but can only continue if grades are maintained and behaviour is exemplary.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to St. Crispin’s, and for them to be part of our school family.


Catherine Lofthouse, MD
Head of Admissions